September 7 1980 Remembering Niubizi by Mao An


The above newspaper clipping is found in the Foundation's database. There is a note written above the title:  “Righteous” Hong Kong and dated 7th September [year unknown]. The author is Mao An. We have so far no information as to who Mao An can be, other than he was an old friend of Huang Yao in Taiwan. But why “Righteous, Hong Kong”? The article begins with mentioning Chen Jiying's article in "Zhuanji Wenxue" which we are aware was published in August 1980. So this newspaper article should be published on the 7th September 1980.



Remembering Niubizi
by Mao An 

Recently there was an article in the Taipei’s “Zhuanji Wenxue” magazine written by Mr Chen Jiying on “About Huang Yao” which allowed me to reminisce the good old days: Mr Huang is an old Shanghai cartoonist, his comic, “Niubizi” was extremely popular. We met when we were both young. Ever since I left the mainland, it was not until last year that I heard that he served as the principal of a secondary school in Kuala Lumpur. Not long ago, there was a “Huang Yao Art Exhibition” in Taipei, but it was without his presence. It was also said that he had once visited Taipei and having read Mr. Chen Jiying’sAbout Huang Yao” masterpiece, he knew his old friends were well and he was pleased.

There were lots of old Shanghai cartoonists who have not left the mainland, except for a little painter Xi Yuqun, who have left very early to take up public office in Taiwan. Right now he had retired and he is currently living in the United States. He is no longer “Small Small” but already “Old Old”. Brother Huang Yao has instead gone to Nanyang and he has never been to Taiwan. It was not until now that we are able to exchange information, and I do not know when we can meet again? A cry of accumulated concern, shall we?


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