April to August 1938 Huang Yao and Zheng Baolin


Huang Yao

Zheng Baolin

Fudan University

Huang Yao wrote, “Fudan University had moved to Beipei near Chongqing and had restarted their classes in February of 1938. I met Xie Liuyi, the head of the Journalism Department who invited me to give a talk. The title of the talk was caricature portraits. At the end of the talk, the students were asked to draw a caricature of Xie.” Zheng Baolin’s (later Huang Yao’s wife) sketch was particularly outstanding and caught his eye.

Huang Yao visited Ermei Shan three times from 1938 to the summer of 1942 to visit her at Leshan. She was studying in Wuhan University which had moved to Leshan, near the foothill of Ermei Shan in April in 1938. Zheng Baolin graduated in 1942. According to Fang Cheng, they left together for Chongqing.

Note: Xie Liuyi left Fudan University for Guiyang in August 1938. So Huang Yao and wife would have first met some time between April to August 1938.

Download PDF : Cartoons in Guiyang (110 pages, in Chinese)

Download PDF : Remembering Huang Yao by Fang Cheng (in Chinese)


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